Thursday, April 30, 2009

Burger Tour Rolls On.. MGF&D


I continued my burger tour by finally trying the burger at Michael's Genuine. I'm a big fan of Michael's but find it very hard to order a burger there with so many amazing options on the menu. Nevertheless, in my quest to find the best burger in South Florida it had to be done. Per the menu, it's a Harris Ranch BlackAngus Burger, house ground & served on a brioche bun @$10.00. I added the Vermont white cheddar for an additional $2.00. The burger was very good. Flavorful, juicy, cooked perfectly and served on a solid bun. I would probably pass on the white cheddar next time since it slightly overpowered the burger. (for my palate at least) In a nutshell, it's a very good burger and may crack my next top five but not as good as Red
Light's. Fries were great too. Next up, Clarke's and Bourbon Steak.

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