Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Washington DC Must Do

If anyone is heading to DC I would highly recommend trying the Latin Dim Sum brunch over at Cafe Atlantico on Sundays. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to try Mini Bar.

The meal was great and the experience was a lot of fun. We opted for the tasting menu which was 14 chef's choice dishes for $35.00.
It should be noted that the drinks were also very good. I started with a bloody mary which was really fresh tasting. Also enjoyed a mojito during the feast.

I don't remember the exact order but here is a brief recap. There were no losers and several standouts.

Duck confit with passion fruit oil- everything about this dish was outstanding. The skin was perfectly crispy and the meat was melt in your mouth tender and both were really tasty.

Hot & cold foie gras and corn soup- great combination of hot/cold and very flavorful.

Seared cigala with vanilla oil- not a lot of meat but the vanilla really made this interesting.

Grilled skirt steak “Carne Asada”- tender and packed full of flavor. real winner.

Watermelon and tomato skewers- simple and a nice refreshing combo.
Jicama-avocado ravioli- light and tasty
Oyster with mango-lime oil- oysters, mango-lime oil, enough said.
Potato & vanilla mousse with American caviar- This is on the standout cusp. What a great combination. This probably belongs on the standout list..
Scallops with cauliflower puree- scallops were very fresh

Good but not great
Tuna ceviche with coconut- Not a big coconut fan so this combo didn't really do it for me.
Coconut rice, crispy rice & ginger-least favorite dish. A coconut fan may disagree

Fried egg with mashed black beans & pork- One of the larger sized portions and I actually devoured it but it wasn't special enough to make the standout list.

Pineapple-unagi with avocado sauce- okayyy
Conch fritters with a liquid center- second least fave. Didn't love the liquid center, usually don't..

Pan dulce with cinnamon syrup- nice end to a great great meal.

This was an exceptional meal and experience and I highly recommend it. Thoroughly enjoyable.

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