Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Survivor Week 5

The Chowfather came through again last week with Carolina over Atlanta. Hope you are all still alive in your respective pools. This weeks slate is much stronger than last weeks. I expect New England to bounce back and beat San Fran by a TD or more but can't recommend them since they are on the road and still have some question marks. There are also three stronger plays on the board. If you passed on my Carolina pick last week I would consider taking them this week at home against KC. I really like this Carolina team and expect their defense to shut down KC and win easily. They were my official pick last week so I will not take them again.

Next up is Dallas. They are at home against a weak Cincy team who may be without Palmer again. I expect Dallas to bounce back and win easily.

I also really like the Giants. They are at home, coming off a bye and facing a west coast team (Seattle) making the long trip. Giants should come out with the W.

Carolina, Dallas and the Giants should all prevail this week. The official pick is the Giants. Good luck


Anonymous said...

Dallas is surely the easy call for this week. However, if you're in a highly competitive league and you're looking to gain an edge in future weeks, you might take Carolina and save Dallas. They have a slew of easy games coming up (STL in Week 7, for instance) that could afford easy chances when other easy calls aren't there.

Danny Brody said...

Only one problem-if you are still alive in the suicide pool, you've probably already picked Dallas, Giants, and in my case, last week, Carolina. I've got GB so far, and let's see how the rest of the week goes, injury-wise.

The Chowfather said...

If you already used Dallas, Giants and Carolina I would consider Denver at home over TB. GB could work too but you need to monitor Rodgers status