Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NFL Predictions

The Chowfather is gearing up for another NFL Season. Here are my playoff predictions.

AFC East

1. New England- Still #1 in division
2. J-E-T-S- Jets should be much improved and in a battle for a playoff spot.
3. Buffalo- Bills could surprise and make a playoff appearance.
4. Dolphins- Parcells and crew will turn this team around. 5 wins would be a good season.

AFC South

1. Indy- Can a team with Peyton be on the decline? They will be solid but not as strong as recent teams.
2. Jacksonville- Can win division. Garrard underrated.
3. Tenn- No one will want to play this team. Should be in every game, can Young take next step??
4. Houston- Tough schedule

AFC North

1. Pittsburgh- Browns are gaining but Pitt's defense and addition of rookie power back Mendenhall keep them in first
2. Browns- Can they take next step? Will push for division and playoffs
3. Cincy- Need to clean up act
4. Baltimore- This team going in wrong direction.

AFC West

1. San Diego- Cream of crop in division
2. Denver- Ehhh 7 wins
3 Kansas City- Great draft and should be competitive
4 Oakland- McFadden will be special. Expect improvement

NFC East

1. Giants- Everyone on Dallas bandwagon, not me. Wade will not get them to next level.
2. Dallas- Two words- Joe Simpson
3. Philadelphia- Underrated
4. Washington- New coach, new system no good.

NFC South

1. New Orleans- Must start off better than last year
2. Carolina- Does Stewart emerge?
3. Tampa Bay- There is some talent on this team. Does Garcia have anything left?
4. Atlanta- With the first pick in the 2009 NFL Draft....

NFC North

1. Minnesota- Hard to put them here with Jackson at QB but Petterson and DL make up for him
2. Chicago- Hard to gauge
3. Green Bay- Bust
4. Detroit- great WR's, Millen factor...

NFC West

1 Seattle- default
2. Arizona- Warner?? Oy. Has some weapons though, sleeper in fantasy
3. San Fran- Martz and Gore but...
4. St Louis- what happened tp them?

AFC Wildcards
1. Jacksonville
2. Jets

NFC Wildcards
1. Dallas
2. Philly beats out Carolina

AFC Title
Jacksonville v San Diego

NFC Title
New Orleans v Giants

Super Bowl
??? stay tuned

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