Wednesday, September 3, 2008

NFL Survivor week 1

The Chowfather participates in an NFL Survivor pool (for entertainment purposes only of course)
and will post my weekly pick/advice in case anyone else cares...

For people who are unfamiliar with Survivor aka last man standing, all you have to do is pick 1 winner each week regardless of point spread. You can only select the same team one time during the season. Sounds easy, right? NOT

The Chowfather has a couple of rules he follows. 1. Avoid road teams and 2 avoid conference rivalries. I also look to go against teams making a long road trip.

WEEK 1 has 4 teams that I think are strong options
1. Indy at home v Bears
2. Pittsburgh at home v Houston
3. Eagles at home v Rams
4. San Diego at home v Carolina (long trip)

** New England is obviously a strong play BUT I am going to save them for later in the year**
I am going with Indy this week. They have a very tough schedule and will not be as strong this year so there is no reason to save them. Take the week one W and move on..

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