Saturday, April 19, 2008


The NFL Draft is one week away so it is time for The Chowfather to post his first look Mock Draft.

1. Miami Dolphins- This is really a 4 player race. It is down to Jake Long, Chris Long, Dorsey and Gholston. The Dolphins need help at Offensive Line which makes J Long the logical pick and the top pick in most experts mocks. I'm not buying it. Parcells really wants t0 trade out of the spot but will be unable to since there is no clear cut stud #1 this year plus no one wants to be stuck with that contract. Here is how it plays out. Dolphins draft Jake Long ONLY if they get him signed before the draft at a discount. I don't see it happening and Parcells throws the first curve ball and grabs Vernon Gholston #1.

2. Rams- Long v Long. Rams go with Jake Long.
3. Falcons- Owner wants Ryan. New GM wants to build defense. GM gets to make call and grabs Dorsey.
4. Raiders- Always tough to predict what Al Davis will do. McFadden or Howie's kid Chris Long?? Long is the pick
5. Chiefs- Chiefs need help at OL and will take Brenden Albert, Clady or Otah. Slight edge here to Albert.
6. J-E-T-S- Gholston was their guy early on but he doesn't make it this far which means C Long or McFadden may fall to them. They take the one standing. That's McFadden.
7. Patriots- Keith Rivers USC
8. Ravens- Matt Ryan

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