Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Cobaya Rancho Patel with Chef Niven Patel 2/11/17

Chef Patel hard at work.  

Cobaya experiment #69 took the guinea pigs on a trek down to Homestead on a beautiful Saturday night.  The dinner was located at Chef Niven Patel's backyard farm where he prepared several courses of farm-to-table Indian cuisine.  It should be noted that he had serious help in the kitchen from his mother and mother-in-law.  
This was a great meal and a very fun night.  

Niven opened his first restaurant this year, Ghee in Downtown Dadeland which specializes in flavorful Indian fare.  He recently opened a second location in the Design District.  I highly recommend paying him a visit. 

Photo Recap Below

Rancho Patel in Homestead.

The calm before the Guinea Pig Storm...

Welcome Cocktail courtesy of the now open Edukos.

ghee wiz sake | basil infused mango juice | clove and coriander simple syrup

80 die hard Guinea Pigs made the drive down to Homestead and enjoyed a fantastic meal.


chickpea roll up | black mustard  | cilantro

Florida shrimp toast | charred scallion | sesame

backyard pakora | taro leaf | sweet onion

Kid 'n Play in the house on the farm....



roasted chicken samosa | peanut chutney | pickled garlic | green papaya

beet cured cobia | grapefruit | puffed rice | avocado | pickled turmeric

roasted green millet | red onion | heirloom tomato | sev | cilantro chutney


dry aged ribeye | eggplant | heirloom tomato sauce

lamb kofta | fenugreek | plumped raisins | cashews

baby cucumber | green mango | radish | chaat masala

black eyed pea basmati | lentils | curry leaf

purple yam puran puri | cardamom | Florida strawberries | almonds

Spice of Life

Niven and family with his Ghee team.

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