Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mignonette March Madness 3.21.16

It's on!!  Mignonette is celebrating the NCAA March Madness with an oyster eating contest.  Head over and watch me dominate and/or puke...


Elite Eight - Monday, March 21st at 6pm
Final Four - Tuesday, March 22nd at 6pm
Championship - Monday, April 4 at 6pm

Round 1:
Adam Beasley @adamhbeasley  
Carla Torres @ohcarlucha

Round 2:
Jonathan Zaslow @zaslowshow
Steven @thechowfather

Round 3:
Gio Gutierrez @giovanny
Lee Klein aka Lee2Go

Round 4:
Larry Carrino @bcprmiami
Ale Cangas of The Hungry Post

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