Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011 NFL Survivor Pool Pick Week 3

Hello fellow survivors!!!  All three of the teams I mentioned last week won easily including my official pick, the Jets.  Hopefully, you took my advice and stashed the Steelers for down the road.

Week three shapes up as a very difficult week if you follow my rules and avoid road teams and division rivalries.  Thus, we are going to deviate from my rules in order to survive this week.

The first game actually violates both rules but I can't see the Patriots losing to Buffalo.  Buffalo is improved but not ready to beat a Patriot team that is rolling on offense. That said, I'm holding the Pats for a home game.

Next up is the Detroit Lions.  As I advised last week, this team is clearly on the rise and destined to make the playoffs.  They too hit the road to face a rival.  They win but still too risky for me.

The super aggressive players out there may want to take a shot with the Carolina Panthers.  They are at home and face an awful Jacksonville team who has a rookie QB making his first start.  Carolina and Cam should win but I just don't trust them enough to make them the official pick. 

Last up is the San Diego Chargers who are at home against division rival Kansas City.  The Chiefs are a bad team who lost their best defensive player in week one and their best offensive player last week.  Not even Norv can screw this up...

Week three official pick is.......

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