Wednesday, June 22, 2011

FREE Breakfast @ Tobacco Road (weekday mornings)

Get lucky at Tobacco Road!! Could be a cheap date...

Introducing the Tobacco Road Breakfast Briskito

For those looking for the last stop of the night, Miami’s oldest bar has the perfect solution: every weekday night, Chef Jonathan Fisher scans the bar at 1:30am to see who’s in for the long haul and in need of his creative creation for the perfect late-night/early morning snack….  The Breakfast Briskito. served up on a corn tortilla is a fresh batch of scrambled eggs, succulent beef brisket fresh out of the smoker, topped with tender vegetables, heat-packin peppers, spices and his signature pico de gallo, wrapped up (like how you should be in your blanket) to create the perfect finale to the evening, or just the fuel you need to make it through the night; after-all, Tobacco Road IS open nightly until 5am. And the best part???  It’s absolutely FREE.

The only catch is you need to be in the bar by 1:30am…. So set your alarm, and get to the Road.

Tobacco Road
626 South Miami Avenue – Brickell

breakfast briskito.jpg

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