Monday, December 27, 2010

All Cried Out- Last Tiers of a Burger for 2010

I've been on a burger bender again recently so the timing is right for the last Tiers of a Burger for 2010.  

The following burgers are my favorites for 2010 ranked by tiers.


Bourbon Steak (bar/lounge menu)
Burger & Beer Joint 
Shake Shack


Michael's Genuine Food & Drink
Charm City
Le Tub
Red Light *have not had in >9 months
Kingdom  *have not had in >9 months


Five Guys
Jack's Old Fashion
Elevation (Coral Springs)

A TIER of Their Own (great non-traditional burgers that are tier one worthy but deserve their own tier)

GastroPod's Mo Better Burger, short rib, brisket and sirloin topped with poached egg, slaw and gPod sauce.
Sakaya Kitchen's Angus beef bulgogi sliders with spicy goat cheese, pickles, roasted pork & kimchi. 
Sugarcane Raw Bar's Kobe sliders with tonkatsu sauce and fried quail egg.

THE WORD UP TIER a/ka The Cameo Tier

Zuni Cafe- SF (easily would be in tier one if local)

Busts (recent disappointments)

Heavy Burger (Aventura) not bad but not tier worthy.

2011 Burger to eat list

The original db Burger @ db Bistro Moderne- sirloin burger filled with short ribs, foie gras and black truffles
Banh Mi Burger from the Sol Kitchen
Boardwalk Burgers (Boca)
Return to Kingdom and Red Light soon

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