Thursday, September 9, 2010

2010 NFL Survivor Pick Week One

NFL eve is here and I'm ready to roll.  Week one features a lot of evenly matched teams making this a difficult week.  Additionally, most of the teams I like this week are on the road and I rarely pick a road team especially early in the season.   Nevertheless, I've isolated a couple of games that I believe are strong week one plays.

The Giants are looking to bounce back this year and open the season in their new stadium against the Carolina Panthers.  John Fox usually has his teams prepared to play but the Giants have revamped their defense (Rolle) and Eli will be ready to go on opening day.  The Giants are the better team, at home and opening a new stadium.  Giants win this one.

One of my favorite strategies is picking against a West coast team traveling east for an early kickoff.  The Raiders are doing just that in week one when they travel to Tennessee. Although they aren't on the East coast it's still a long trip and an early start.  I expect the Raiders to be an improved team this year but Tennessee is a better team all around and their defense should be able to shut down the Raiders offense.  Chris Johnson will have another big game and lead Tennessee to the win.

Week one official pick is



Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on the Detroit vs Chicago game?

The Chowfather said...

I think Detroit can win that game

SteveBM said...

Week 2 - Green Bay. Don't overthink it. That's the pick.