Thursday, September 16, 2010

2010 NFL Suicide Pick Week 2

Sorry for the late posting this week.  My modem died on Monday and AT&T didn't ship it overnight as I requested.  Tennessee  came through with an easy win over the Raiders in week one.

There are two games that I really like this week.

The Bears travel to Dallas for their home opener.  Chicago should have lost last week to Detroit while Dallas lost a tough one on the road to Washington.  I expect Dallas to come out strong and win by double digits.

Green Bay heads home to face the Buffalo Bills.  The Bills offense was unimpressive last week against the Dolphins.   Green Bay is better on both sides of the ball and much better at QB.  They win this one easily.

I considered holding Green Bay until later in the year but I hate to look ahead.

Official pick is


Unknown said...

What do u think of the Oakland Raiders. I have to pick two teams from week 13 through 17, so i figure this is my best chance to get a bad team out of the way

The Chowfather said...

That game is too close to call. Raiders have slight edge because they are at home but S Jackson could have a big day. You don't want to get knocked out in week 2 because of the Raiders.

Anonymous said...

Great decision in not using Dallas. Half of my pool just got eliminated...

The Chowfather said...

About 15% of my pool had Dallas. My pool is down to 550 now. We're going with the best game each week. I'm not saving anyone..

SteveBM said...

Yes, must take the best game each week. I forgot to read this before the games but I HATED that Cowboys pick. That team has serious problems, starting with 3 quality RBs who cant seem to run the ball at all. Maybe it's the playcalling or that they are always throwing to comeback but that team has woes.

The Pats are the team for Week 3. Brady will have a huge game at home vs the Bills who are amongst the worst teams in the league, if not the worst.