Monday, July 19, 2010

The Chowfather Diet- Day 10/11

Day 10

Lunch- I was on Miami Beach around lunch time so I made a pit stop over at Shake Shack.  I kept it real simple and went with a Shack Burger. No fries, no shakes, no concretes. Just one tasty Shack Burger that hit the spot.

Dinner- I paid another visit to one of favorite restaurants, NAOE (Sunny Isles)  The bento box was outstanding as usual (please don't ask about everything that was in there because I can't recall it all so I won't bother trying)  and the nigiri was even better.  My eight  rounds included salmon, shiraebi (small shrimp) scallop, madai,(a very popular celebratory fish in Japan) aji, geoduck (the giant clam) uni, and unagi plus an amazing California roll (kidding).  NAOE continues to be a special treat and is as good as it gets. 

Day 11

Dunch- I was really looking forward to making another visit to Sugarcane Raw Bar (midtown Miami) with every intention of eating as many dishes as possible.(They feature several great small plate options)  Thus, I decided to go later in the afternoon and combine lunch and dinner. (who needs brunch when you can dunch?) My main target was the bone marrow with veal cheek marmalade. Upon arrival I found a nice seat at the bar and quickly ordered a Sapporo while I perused the menu which I was already familiar with.  My first order consisted of  bone marrow, duck egg with beef tongue and the squid ink fideos. The first dish out of the kitchen was the beef tongue served on country bread and topped with a duck egg. This was an outstanding dish..  Next up was the squid ink fideos.(fideos are very small vermicelli like noodles)  The fideos were topped with three pieces of cuttlefish which I liked but the overall dish didn't work for me. It was easily my least favorite Sugarcane dish. (partly because most are great)

Unfortunately, my bone marrow never arrived. After inquiring, I was informed that they didn't have any.  Disappointing but it opened the door for the beef honeycomb tripe with kimchi and brussel sprouts.  I've had this dish before and it continues to be a great dish. Tripe fans, don't miss this one. Sugarcane continues to be another favorite of mine.

Time for a salad...


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