Thursday, May 6, 2010

BLT Steak (South Beach)

BLT Steak is located IN the lobby of the Betsy Hotel on Ocean Drive. They also have outdoor seating available on their patio overlooking Ocean Drive.  It's less of a scene than the other steakhouses located in South Beach.  Executive chef is Laurent Tourondel and chef de cuisine is MGF&D alum, Sam Gorenstein who was a James Beard semifinalist for Rising Star Chef of the Year.

First up were an awesome complimentary jar of warm chicken liver with bread and another jar of pickled veggies.  I'm a chicken liver fan and this didn't disappoint.  A non-chicken liver fan at the table was enjoying it as well before I told her what she was eating. Perfect, more for me.  

Next up were Tourondel's signature and popular popovers. The recipe is attached but these are probably difficult to duplicate at home.  They were large, fresh and a huge hit at the table. 

For an appetizer I had a great grilled octopus special.   I'm a big fan of Chef Schwartz's version at MGF&D and Chef Gorenstein's dish held its own.  It was tender and nicely charred. 

I followed that up with a great bone in ribeye. This was cooked perfectly (medium rare) and seasoned very well.  The ribeye was accompanied by bone marrow which was a nice and delicious touch. That said,  I would give the ribeye nod to Bourbon Steak though.

I also tried several of their sides with the hen of the woods mushrooms being my favorite. That's a serious side that you don't see often.

If you are looking for a great steak on South Beach without a club feel and scene, I would recommend stopping by BLT Steak.  Everything I had was good to great and it was an enjoyable night.  I'm intrigued by the non-steak offerings and daily specials and would like to see what else Chef Gorenstein has to offer.   

BLT Steak
1440 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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SteveBM said...

I've been meaning to check this place out and your post bumped it up a few notches on the priority list. I still gotta post about San Jose, Portland, Seattle, Vegas, and San Diego...ugh.

featherinhishat said...

I believe their ribeye with the bone marrow won me over when I first went. Still have not tried Bourbon Steak. Really have to go there now.