Friday, August 7, 2009

Solo @ Yakko-San

Yakko-San is a favorite spot of mine that I unfortunately do not get too often enough. I had the opportunity to go solo last Sunday night and that is big trouble thanks to the huge selection of great dishes.

Yakko-San is an izakaya-style (Japanese tapas) restaurant located on Dixie Highway in North Miami Beach. They have an extensive menu with plenty of daily specials to choose from.

On Sunday, I went with an order of tuna sashimi which is always super fresh and outstanding. I also went with an order of Nasu Buta Miso Itame a/k/a Asian eggplant, pork, miso sauce. This may be my favorite dish there. The flavors are perfect. Another favorite of mine is the grilled pork belly. It's not a large portion so I knew I would be fine. However, they had a pork belly stew that the waiter highly recommended. It was great but a huge piece of pork. Last up was angel hair uni, ikura (fresh sea urchin & salmon roe). Sooo good.

I definitely ordered too much for one person but it was so worth it.

Hiro's Yakko-San on Urbanspoon

17040 W. Dixie Highway
North Miami Beach, FL 33160
West Dixie Highway and NE 171st St.

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Frodnesor said...

Mrs. F always tries to keep me to 3 items - particularly b/c Frod Jr. and Little Miss F have their regular orders now too. Sometimes it works, other times not.