Friday, March 21, 2008

Top Restaurants

Current Rankings

1. Michael's Genuine Food & Drink
favorites- crispy hominy, crispy beef cheek, Pork Shoulder, crispy sweet and spicy pork belly, chargrilled octopus, pulled pork sandwich (lunch menu), potato chips and French onion dip.

2. Michy's
favorites- bibb lettuce salad, truffled polenta, any gnocchi.

3. Sardinia
favorites-fregola con polipo (Sardinian couscous with baby octopus), broccoli rabe, brussel sprouts, roasted beets, Salumi plate, various pastas..

4. Yakko-San
favorites- crispy bok choy, hamachi kama (sooo good), yellowtail sashimi, grilled pork belly, kimchee buta, Udon noodles w/chicken/veggies, it's all good!!!

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