Sunday, July 25, 2021

COTE Miami


I was very excited when I heard Cote was opening its first outpost in Miami's Design District.  It's not often that a Michelin-starred restaurant comes to town and it's even better when it's a unique concept to the area.  

Cote is a Korean steakhouse. I suspect a lot of people in Miami are unfamiliar with Korean food/restaurants because we just don't have many, if any.  Broward has a couple good spots but I'm not so sure that Miami does.  In a nutshell, diners usually get the opportunity to cook meat on a table top grill.  The meal includes several small side dishes called banchan. 

At Cote, they take the experience to another level with superb cuts of meat, a well trained staff, great cocktails and wine list and an overall fantastic experience.

As a bonus, you don't even have to do any of the cooking.  Your server will cook your meat to the perfect temperature.  So just sit back and enjoy the show.   

They offer a grand tour steak omakase for $165.00 which was tempting but they also offer a butcher's feast of prime and American wagyu beef for $58.  This is a set menu that includes a chef's choice of four cuts of meat, several side dishes, a fantastic egg soufflé, two Korean stews plus a perfect ending with a vanilla soft serve cup with soy soy caramel.

We wisely and correctly did the Butcher's Feast and left very satisfied.  Yes, we added on a couple of dishes because I couldn't resist the "Steak & Eggs" (see photo below) but the Feast allows you to affordably experience the concept and the quality of the meats.  I'm a big eater and again I left completely satisfied.

This is a very welcome addition to the growing Miami dining scene.  It's perfect for the hard core food fans out there as well as people looking to have a fun and lively night on the town.  

I'm glad they took their talents to South Beach the Design District.

On a side note, we opted to celebrate the 4th of July there and they were feeling festive and offered diners complimentary hot dogs. Great touch and indicative of their level of service and attention to every detail of your experience.

I highly recommend Cote to every food lover in Miami as well as diners looking for a fun and unique dining experience in town.

Ice chilled east/west coast oysters with Uni.

Steak & Eggs  - Hand-cut filet mignon tartare with Kaluga Royal Hybrid caviar, milk toast.  Tartare fans do not skip this. Obviously the caviar elevated this but the tartare on its own was one of the best I've had.

The Butcher's Feast Meat.  Our cuts were hanger, 45 day dry age ribeyes, wagyu and galbi.  My favorites were actually the hangar steak and the galbi.  Make sure you get the galbi.

Korean stews.

Fire scallion salad.

Shroooms. (we added them)

The Galbi.

Organic egg, kelp yooksoo.

4th of July dogs.

3900 NE 2nd avenue, Miami FL 33137


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