Saturday, June 27, 2020

Cobaya Jose Ramirez-Ruiz

Cobaya Experiment 78 went down at the cool outdoor space located at  Lot 6 in the Little River area of Miami.  In the Cobaya Kitchen was the very well regarding chef from Brooklyn who had recently relocated to Miami.  As an avid online reader of all things food related,  I was very familiar with Chef Jose Ramirez-Ruiz's outstanding reputation in New York as well as his accolades.   I had also attended one of the pop-up dinners he did in Miami and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.  So, I was very happy to connect with Jose and get him in the Cobaya Kitchen.  

Prior to taking his talents to Miami, Jose was Chef/Owner of Semilla, a small counter only and vegetable focused tasting menu spot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Prior to opening Semilla, Jose worked at some of the best restaurants in New York; Per Se, Chefs Table at Brooklyn Fare and Isa.  At Semilla, Jose earned a prestigious Michelin Star along with an impressive two star review from Pete Wells in the NY Times.  Semilla was also named one of the Best New Restaurants in America by Bill Addison of Eater.  

Lot 6 is an outdoor venue without a full kitchen.  Thus, a majority of the meal was cooked in a wood fired oven.  And it was outstanding.  The menu was interesting and diverse and most importantly delicious.  The dinner not only showcased Jose's kitchen skills but gave the guinea pigs in attendance a glimpse of great things to come...

Jose moved to Miami with the intention of opening a new restaurant named Isabela.  Lucky Miami!  There is no doubt that Isabela will quickly become one of Miami's best restaurants and a tough reservation to get.  Jose is currently researching and learning all about Miami's sub tropical produce while honing his culinary skills.  Hopefully, we will see him in the kitchen real soon. Stay Tuned!

The setting for the evening was dynamite thanks to plant/floral designer Hillary Bailey from Studio Madre Selva.

Shrimp Stuffed Olives

Wigwam Country Ham

Roasted Cheese with Lemon Vinaigrette

Mussels en Conserva

Sourdough Bread and Moringa Butter

Plantain Soup, Comte, Crunchies

Snapper Crusted with Crab

Roasted Pork Chops Stuffed with Plantains

Carrots with Yogurt, Spices and Herbs

Yuca with Avocado and Red Onion

Rice Pudding, Black, Sesame, and Mango

Jose's killer crew for the night!

Big thanks to Jose and his team along with all of the guinea pig nation.

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