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Cobaya Bourbon Steak 2: Electric Boogaloo staring Chef Gabe Fenton 10.20.16

Wow, writer's block.

I've attempted to write start this post several times over the past month but couldn't get past Bourbon Steak and Cobaya Miami Experiment #65.  Why? Perhaps after all these years and great meals, I've finally run out of superlatives for Chef Gabe Fenton and Bourbon Steak. Or maybe I knew my barely literate words would not do justice for such a special spot.

Regardless, Bourbon Steak has been one of my favorite restaurants since chef Gabe Fenton took over the kitchen approximately 7 years ago.  It has also easily been one of the best restaurants in town since that time as properly reflected in my Best Restaurants Miami list.

When people hear the name Bourbon Steak they rightfully think of Michael Mina and Rajat Parr. And they have put an impressive stamp on the Mina franchise.  Mina and team run a first class operation from top to bottom.  Food, wine, cocktails and service are all consistently top notch no matter the spot.

But make no mistake, Bourbon Steak Miami excels on its own too.  Gabe and his kitchen crew deliver properly executed and great tasting fare on a nightly basis.  They also routinely offer wonderful specials that allow them to break free from their steakhouse menu and show off their creative side.  Any foie gras special is a must get dish as Gabe is the King of Foie.

Gabe's cooking and food alone makes this one of the best spots in town.  The wine list, beverage program and service seal the deal.

As some may recall, they were the first spot in Miami to embrace and re-introduce classic cocktails to guests and they have continued to pour first class drinks thanks to Peter, Michelle and Jennifer.  The wine program is one of the best in town and their two sommeliers, Craig Teriaca and Kareem Zarwi do a great job with by the glass options and pairing assistance.

Service has been professional, helpful, friendly and respectful form day one.  Current GM Anibal Macias has continued the tradition and it trickles down to the hostess, bartenders, servers and bussers too.

So much for writer's block....

Gabe was one of the first chefs we targeted when we started organizing the underground and experimental Cobaya Dinners. He delivered an excellent meal for Cobaya VI which was amazingly more than six years and 59 dinners ago.

Obviously, I was super excited to get Gabe back into the Cobaya Kitchen for another Cobaya dinner. It's something Gabe and I have discussed several times over the years and I'm glad that Part II came to fruition.

And he nailed it again.  This time treating 30 lucky guinea pig lottery winners to a fantastic meal from start to finish. Gabe stayed fairly true to form while elevating several of my favorite things - oysters, sweetbreads, steak, foie and risotto.  Flavors and execution were solid.

The "King of Foie" decided to refrain from doing a dedicated foie course this go round. Instead, he used an incredible torchon as a topping on an equally great Prime NY Strip and my favorite cut, the Ribeye Cap.  He took that to another level by shaving Burgundy Truffles on top.  Yeah, that didn't stink.

The kitchen did a great job with proper pacing and service was Bourbon Steak good all night.

The wine pairing curated by Craig and Kareem was another highlight of the night.

Patty and her pastry team ended the night on a perfect sugar high with her seasonal riff on an affogatto.

As expected, this was a wonderful all-around night. Big thanks to Chef Gabe and his entire kitchen crew for creating and delivering a delicious tasting menu.  Additional thanks to Anibal and the front of the house for first class service and hospitality from the moment guests arrived.  Steven Mills for his continued support and blessing to move forward with another experiment on the Turnberry Property. And huge thanks to the Guinea Pig Nation for your continued support, interest and loyalty.  This is a hobby for us and we will continue to organize them as long as their is interest and a demand.

On a side note, I'd like to encourage all of my readers on this site as well as the Guinea Pig Nation to send letters and emails to James Beard and the Nominating Committee expressing your support for Chef Gabe. He is way overdue and very deserving of a Best Chef in the South nomination.

Hopefully 2017 is his year.

Venison Chili with Fingerling Potato Chips

Housemade Jerky

Florida Grass-Fed Beef Satay

Pairing on display

Wianno Oysters three ways

First Up - Ponzu and Green Apple 

Peter Jakob-Huhn Sekt Rheingau Germany 2012


Buffalo Sweetbreads, celery, PT Reyes blue cheese

Knoll Libenberg Gruner Veltliner Smaragd Wachau Austria 2012

Curry Scented Skatewing, Alaskan king crab and leek risotto

Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey Chardonnay Bourgogne France 2013

Prime NY Strip and Ribeye Cap with an incredible foie gras torchon OH and shaved burgundy truffles on top

Vallin Syrah Santa Ynez Valley California 2013

Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream Sandwich! Coffee creme anglaise, milk foam, almond cranberry biscotti

Heinz Eifel Sylvanner Eiswein Rheinhessen Germany 2012

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