Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cobaya 61 @ 27 Restaurant with Chef Jimmy Lebron 4.6.16

Cobaya experiment sixty-one went down at one of Miami Beach's most popular spots, 27 Restaurant located adjacent to the award winning and an even more popular spot, the Broken Shaker located inside the Freehand Hotel.

Forty lucky lottery winning guinea pigs got to enjoy the delicious creations of Chef Jimmy Lebron and his team plus the creative cocktail pairing of bar manager Randy Perez.

We have been big fans of owners, Elad Zvi and Gabriel Orta from their Bar Lab days and obviously Broken Shaken. They have been Cobaya supporters along the way and played host for Cobaya 29 with visiting chef Brandon Baltzley plus they provided the great cocktail pairing.

We started planning a Cobaya at 27 while they were still pouring the foundation... We were obviously excited to team up with them and attempted to get this scheduled back in August but had timing issues. But I was very happy to finally lock in a date and see it come to fruition. And I was extremely pleased with the outcome. True to form, they delivered a creative, festive and tasty night done within the spirit of 27 and Cobaya too. Chef Jimmy along with his sous chef, Sasha Ullman created a unique menu with local flavors.  No misses for me and several standouts. I obviously had high expectations for the cocktail pairings and Randy did not disappoint.

In a town filled with restaurants located in nondescript strip malls, hidden in hotels and wannabe hipster hoods, 27's stand alone spot and homey atmosphere is a welcome and very refreshing setting for Miami. At 27, Elad and Gabe have created a warm and inviting dining room with a great cozy vibe. Chef Jimmy has followed suit with his food. The welcome sign at the entrance (see above) is on point.

Miami needs more restaurants like this. Miami needs more venues from Elad and Gabriel.

Big thanks to Jimmy, Sasha, Elad, Gabriel, Randy, Marcos Chantres (GM at 27), Gui Jaroschy (Director of Bars) and Amanda Lee from Freehand and the entire 27 team for a wonderful night. Huge props to the front of the house for solid service all night. And the kitchen team who did an impressive job with the pacing which is not easy with 40 diners and dishes being created for the first time.

And huge thanks to the all of the guinea pigs who requested seats for your continued interest and support.

Hard not to love the upstairs bar and lounge at 27.  It's a really cool spot and perfect for parties/groups. If you book early and drop my name you may get DJ Macabi spinning your tunes 

Spotted - Chef Jimmy going over last minute details with chef Sasha

The Calm Before the Guinea Pig Storm

The evening started with irresistible Malawach (Yemenite bread), Uni Butter, Za'atar. 

Cocktail one

Bombay Gin with fresh Florida Citrus, Preserved Grapefruit & Jasmin Rice Reduction


Whole Black Belly Rosefish Escabeche

Mangrove Snapper, Tangerine, Loquat, Chartreuse

Florida Middle Neck Clams, Leche De Tigre, Salsa Criolla

Little River Papaya Salad, Halloumi, Thai Chili

Pairing - Treviano Lugana "Terre Molin" 2014 / Italia


Ethiopian Injera, Timatim, Wats, Gomen


Finished product - Rittenhouse Bottled in Bond Rye, Combined with Meletti Amaro, Slowly Dripped Through Thai Tea, Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Clove, Fresh Cranberry Hibiscus


Pekin Korean Duck with 27 Ban-Chan, bok choy kimchee, garden lettuce (not pictured)

Bar manager Randy Perez explaining how he and chef Lebron collaborated on the homemade coke

Old Forester Bourbon & Homemade Coke

Holy Mole! Confit Mole Conejo (rabbit) with salsas, ensaladas y tortillas


Rugelach & Tea Cookies

Black Tea from Israel 

Bad Ass Baklava via Chef Sasha

Manzanilla La Gitana Sherry stirred with Aperol, Montanaro Bianco Nontanaro, Cassis Liquer & Lemon Bitters


A nightcap at Bar Lab's new bar, The Anderson
Anderson's Woodfired blend of Wild Turkey, mezcal, Cynar bitters,
and cardamom-infused punt e mes vermouth.

27 Restaurant
2727 Indian Creek Drive, Miami Beach, Florida

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