Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sbraga & Bullfrog BBQ/Brunch 2/28 & 3/1 Wynwood

                                                                 Chef Jeremiah

Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog is rolling out another visiting chef  for BBQ and a brunch.  Next up is Top Chef Champion Kevin Sbraga who currently owns three restaurants in Philadelphia. These should be fun and delicious events. 

"This dude owns some of the finest restaurants in Philly, he cooks like a mofo. Happy to have him in Miami collaborating on a BBQ and Brunch with us at the gastropod." Jeremiah B

BBQ is February 28th from 3pm-7pm $75 $50 RSVP only

BRUNCH is March 1 from 12-3pm $50 $38 RSVP only

Tickets at

160 NW 26 street Wynwood, FL 33137

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