Thursday, August 23, 2012

Estiatorio Milos by Costas Spiliadis (South Beach)

                                            Opened in May 2012

Three lunch visits to Milos and three fantastic meals.  Who needs Miami Spice when you can take advantage of their generous $20.12 three course lunch menu that is available seven days a week? This is a great value especially when you factor in the cost of going to dinner there. ($50 a pound fish, $32 appetizers etc.) 

Milos recently opened in the "south of Fifth Street" neighborhood of South Beach one block from Joe's.  This is the fifth Milos to open worldwide with other well regarded spots located  in Montreal, New York, Athens and Las Vegas.  

Why is Milos so good? It's a simple formula. They are serving high quality, simply seasoned, perfectly cooked, great tasting fresh fish.  I've enjoyed everything I have tried thus far and look forward to many more meals lunches there.   

The main dining room is large, open and has a sleek modern look.

The famous "must do" lunch menu.


Grilled Octopus- sashimi quality Mediterranean octopus, charcoal-broiled. I'm a big octopus fan and this did not disappoint at all.  Right up there with the best in town.   

Canadian Classic- Willy Krauch Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, red onion & world famous St. Viateur bagel from Montreal. Watch out Sage Bagel, this could be best bagel and lox in town.

Fresh Diver Scallop Skewer with green bell pepper, sweet onions and couscous.  The scallop was as fresh as they come, perfectly seared, lightly seasoned and melted in my mouth. A real winner.


Tsipoura - Mediterranean sea bream.  I've had this fish on two visits and really enjoyed it both times.  The fish was fresh, moist and very tasty.  I could eat this everyday.

Honjake Salmon with roasted vegetables. Another standout dish.  It's a  
generous portion of perfectly cooked salmon that contains great flavor.  A must get for all salmon fans.  Non salmon fans will love it too.


Greek Goat's Milk Yogurt-thyme honey.  You can't leave Milos without trying this unreal Greek yogurt.  It's a real treat.

Karidopita- Greek walnut cake.  This was highly recommended by my server and was good but no match for the Greek Yogurt.

I highly recommend paying Milos a visit and taking advantage of the lunch deal that is even available on weekends.  The food is fantastic and the value is great.  Enjoy.

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730 1st St Map.5a20c74
Miami Beach, FL 33139


SteveBM said...

Scallop was good - perfectly cooked, a little heavy on the sea salt. Tuna burger was a colossal fail. Tuna overcooked and looked unappealing, way too much raw red onion that ruined my taste buds until hours later when I needed a whiskey and cigar to get that taste off my tongue. Yoghurt was decent but had an acid flavor to it that was a little off putting. Couldve been the wrath of the red onion though. Waiter was great, kitchen was ridiculously slow. 45 minutes between app and main is ridiculous, so is 2.5hr lunch. Talent at the other tables was off the charts and pretty much the highlight of the meal for me.

Grace Andrews said...

Everything looks luscious. My friend, who owns a catering company usually gets hired for dinner party on a luxury charter boat and her menu includes dishes like these.

Penelope Williams said...

We had a chance to dine there last year and everything was exceptional. The foods are delicious, the place is so divine and the staff were all very nice and accommodating. They surely gave us a great customer service experience.

Harriet Seymour said...

These are great selection of menu. I'm looking for perfect dishes for our wedding and I might consider some of these.

Elizabeth Rahman said...

I love how the main dining room was arranged and designed. I just do wonder if where did they buy those balls like lights, I swear those lights were awesome and I think it’s perfect in our kitchen area.

Haley Richardson said...

That place looks like a great place to stay over for a weekend lunch out. The food seems good, the interiors look real comfortable, and the atmosphere feels relaxing.

Leonid Cayman said...

Great mood lighting, excellent food selection, and nice and comfortable seating. Now that's my ideal bistro.

Lindsay Paul said...

I'm up for waiting in line just to get into this bistro. I'm sure it'll be worth it, what with the good food and the comfortable atmosphere and seating there.

Allen Fields said...

Everything's definitely better in a restaurant if it's got the right interior set-up with it. Makes eating a whole lot more relaxing and enjoyable.

Christine Lowe said...

No dining experience for me is complete without great ambiance. That said, I'll definitely enjoy a meal here; the lighting sets the mood just right and the seats look inviting to sit in.

Ellen Page said...

Aside from the great food this joint offers, I really fell in love with their intricate interior design. What's not to love with those lights?

Emily Vaughan said...

This resto has a nice interior design, the lights tables and chairs are a perfect match. This is the kind of resto I would like to try and the perfect place to unwind.

Krista Mejia said...

Beautiful place, though I noticed that their servings are quite few. The place is really that white? Love the dangling lamps.

Faith Reed said...

The thing that I liked about this place is their main dining room for its sleek modern look design. I’m currently redecorating my house particularly my kitchen area, I want it to give a clean and stress free environment just like a sleek modern design.