Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Le Petit Prince (Hollywood Beach)

Great news for all of the La Sandwicherie fans out there in Southeast Broward and Northeast Dade.  You can get your fix much closer to home now thanks to the opening of a sister spot, Le Petit Prince in Hollywood Beach.   (It's located on Johnson Street one block west of the Broadwalk) 

I met the owner today and he said that he worked at La Sandwicherie for more than ten years and that Le Petit Prince is affiliated with La Sandwicherie.  I'm not a reporter or columnist so I did not contact La Sandwicherie for confirmation.

The menu is almost identical and features the same classic sauce and staple toppings minus hot peppers.  I've frequented Sandwicherie regularly for 15 years or so and almost always order a Salami/Provolone with every topping minus the hot peppers... so guess what I ordered today at Le Petit?? A hamburger.. ok just kididng. I went with my favorite combo, the salami/provolone with everything.  Petit's version was prepared the same and featured very fresh toppings including the crowd pleasing cornichons and the addictive homemade vinaigrette sauce. Mmmmm sooo good.  The only noticeable difference was the bread.  Petit's was much softer than the crisp exterior provided by Sandwicherie.  It wasn't bad, just different.  The owner claimed that people complained about the tough and crispy bread but I was not one of the haters. I thought the bread  was a signature of their sandwich and hope Petit goes that route. 

Le Petit Prince offers the same classic sandwiches, salads, smoothies and juices that have been pleasing numerous SoBe locals and tourists for years.  In addition, they also offer breakfast items and several crepes.

My initial visit was very enjoyable and promising.  Hopefully, they will be busy enough to keep everything fresh and tasty.  I have high hopes for this place.  Tell them The Chowfather sent you.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, hopefully they are affiliated unlike 'Baguette' at SW 8th and I-95.

The Chowfather said...

He voluntarily told me that they were related to Sandwicherie. I didn't press him on the extent b/c I was there to eat.. He did mention that the baguette guy went out on his own and was unrelated.

Allen said...

Dropped by there this past week, if you are in the area again you may want to introduce yourself because apparently your review has sent a lot of business your way. He asked for the name of your site and said lots of people have mentioned an online review but few of them knew the name of the site or gave him different site names.