Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Burger & Beer Joint

You had me at Burger & Beer....

Now this is my kind of place.  Burgers, burgers and more burgers plus great beer.  Sold!!!!  Oh yeah, the burger was outstanding.

Burger & Beer has been on the top of my to-do list of places to hit since it opened. I finally made it over for lunch.  Unfortunately I was on a lunch break so I was unable to take advantage of their beer selection including the Brooklyn Lager on tap.  The lunch menu has nine burger options but only one viable option for me, the Thunder Road.  This is a 10oz. prime angus with hickory smoked bacon, American cheese, onion bun and bourbon bbq sauce.  Similar to pizza, I'm not a big fan of too many toppings or sauces on my burgers. It gets in the way.  That said,  I knew going in, thanks to Blind Mind that the bbq sauce was served on the side.  I'm glad it was because this burger needed  no help.  The burger was cooked perfectly (medium rare) was juicy and seasoned perfectly. The cheese, bun and bacon formed a nice overall combination.  I knew after one bite that this was an outstanding burger. This delivered the punch I keep waiting for from Charm City.  It will debut very high in my "tiers of a burger".  

Burger and Beer Joint on Urbanspoon

1766 Bay Rd
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Burger and Beer Joint - South Beach


SteveBM said...

Glad you finally made it. That is one awesome burger.

The Chowfather said...

Have you been to the lounge area?

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