Tuesday, February 9, 2010


"That's on my list"
"Never been but it's on the list"
"Oh that's on the top of my list"

Does anyone really have a list??

Places I haven't been to yet and need to get to soon.

Burger & Beer Joint (3/1) Outstanding Thunder Road Burger. One of the best in town for sure.
Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill (3/6) Loved everything about this place.
Solea- chef left so it's off my list for now.
Grill at the Setai- closed but re-opening soon.
Palm d' Or
The New Altamare- Great Cobaya dinner on 3/22. Another winner.
Lou's Beer Garden
Sakaya Kitchen      (2/19/10- ika geso age w/ssamjang sauce and pork buns were great)
 Sushi Deli  Fantastic little spot serving the best sushi in town along with Naoe
 BLT Steak  (3/3/04- solid ribeye and hen of the woods mushrooms.)
Area 31-


Cafe Sharaku
Ola at Gulfstream (D Rodriguez's latest)
SoLita (New place in old Mark's spot on Las Olas with crew from Martarano)

Places I need to get back to soon

Talula (real deal)
Macaluso's (meatballs)
Scarpetta (truffle polenta)
Bond St. (first date with Chowprincess)
Michy's (Been too long)
Red Light (slooow)


Cafe Maxx (always good)
Valentino's  (best Italian in SoFla)
Martorano  (fun)
3030 Ocean (great seafood)
Johnny V's (long time fan mmm ribmeat hoagie)
Hi-Life Cafe (top chef alum)
Canyon (been long time)

The List


D said...

Hilarious! Everyone has a list but no one actually has one...

My list:

Meat Market
Petit Rouge
Latin Truck
Ola (open already?)

Gotta get back to Michy's, Sra. M soon

Anonymous said...

Chow: Why not Caviar Kaspia? No one is curious about that place? Should I not go?

SteveBM said...

Another place you need to get back to soon - NAOE.

I have a list that seems to grow every day. I started keeping track and should probably revisit that.

The Chowfather said...

No list needed for NAOE. It's automatic!!!

The Chowfather said...

Anon- I haven't heard any reports about Caviar K and my list is long enough right now so it didn't make it. Go and let me know how it was

SteveBM said...

Isnt Caviar Kaspia closed?

South Florida Food and Wine said...

Love, The List! just might be promotin' you very soon about this list thang....Just got back from one of the GO parties at SoLita. My post will be up soon, only thing I'm going to say is definitely a keeper on 'The Chowfather List' to check out!

rickL said...

Now that there's an opening on your Broward list, consider adding Marumi Sushi in Plantation (http://marumisushi.com/)