Friday, January 9, 2009

Division Round

Should be a great weekend of games this week.

Baltimore's offense and Flacco specifically weren't tested by Miami last Sunday. That W was all about the defense and they will keep them in the game this week but Tennessee's defense is too strong and I expect them to win this one 17-10.

No one expects Arizona to win at Carolina and I would be surprised too. However, Warner to Fitzgerald is always a threat and I think Zona keeps this closer than most suspect. Carolina wins 24-20

Philly @ Giants- can't wait for this one. Philly is hot and good but the Giants are rested, home, deeper and better. Giants move on 17-14

I was all set to call the upset with San Diego knocking out Pitt but LT's injured and his status is doubtful. Not sure they can win with Sproles carrying the load. Pitt 20-14

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