Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Burger Battle Update

As you may recall, I posted my top Burgers in Miami/Broward a few months ago and indicated that I was underwhelmed by my first Five Guys experience. That sounds perverted, I know. Anyway, I have been back to the Midtown Miami and Ft. Lauderdale locations a few times since and have changed my tune. The first time I ordered a regular cheeseburger without knowing that their standard burger is actually a double patty which led to my disappointment. I also ordered the Cajun fries which I didn't like. On subsequent visits, I've been ordering the single patty little cheeseburgers which i like much better. I like the regular fries too. I'll give the standard burger another shot next time and report back.

Current top 4

1. Char-Hut (Five guys coming on strong)
2. Kingdom
3. Le Tub
4. Five Guys
Knocked off Jack's (need to get back there soon though)

Five Guys fans, there is a new one opening at Aventura Mall.


Danny Brody said...

Agree on Kingdom-great burger-a customer the other day told me it was better than Le Tub. But what about the upscale burger? The in-house ground beef and house-smoked bacon of Michael's Genuine; or Kris Wessel's Organic Burger. Both are inexpensive, too.

The Burger Beast said...

Have you ever tried Keg South's burger?

The Chowfather said...

Miami D, I'm a fan of the upscale burger and I'm a fan of Michael's and Red Light but I have not tried their burgers. Hard to do with so may other great options at both spots but I will if you recommend them

Burger Beast, I've been to Keg South several times and it's right p my alley BUT it's been a few years now. Don;t get down that way much but will get a burger next time for sure. I recall the grilled chicken sand being very good